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Data Plate Labels

The Problem

An outdoor power equipment manufacturer must label their product for many reasons. First and foremost, they must comply with the EPA and protect the consumer by warning them of hazards created by using the piece of machinery. They also need to uniquely identify the product by model number, serial number, and barcode. Tamper evidence is required in order to avoid faulty warranty claims on an inoperable unit.

Moreover, during final packaging, a separate label with a matching model number and serial number must be placed on the shipping carton. The packaging department would often mismatch the finished product with an incorrect carton label.

The Solution

Brandmark engineered a solution that combined all labels on a common carrier that could be imprinted as a unit and presented to the packager together, thus eliminating the potential of a mismatch.

Material Information

Chrome polyester face stock with tamper evident features with thermal transfer printable laminate co-linered with an inexpensive paper face stock carton label

Markets Served

Outdoor Power Equipment, Durables, Health & Safety, Distribution & Logistics

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