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Placard & Tote Labels

The Problem

Automotive suppliers use large plastic bins (or totes) to ship finished product to their end users. These totes are then returned to the supplier and reused for a subsequent shipment. A common problem these automotive suppliers face is removing the label that identified the contents of the totes, and reapplying a new label.

Most labels have a permanent adhesive that leaves behind a sticky residue when removed. The labels often tear or shred during removal. Over time dirt and grime accumulate, rendering the surface difficult or impossible to re-label; the totes acquire a shabby appearance and project an image of poor quality.

The Solution

Brandmark currently has two stellar solutions to this problem.

The first is a film label with a removeable adhesive – the label remains firmly affixed to the container while in transit, but lifts off cleanly and in one piece when it is removed. A unique feature to Brandmark’s label is an un-gummed (dry) edge, which creates a tab along one side of the label. This allows for a quick, no-hassle removal.

This solution has been tried and tested for many years – Brandmark regularly produces and ships hundreds of thousands of these labels to distributors, making for a profitable, repeatable stream of income.

The second solution is what Brandmark calls a “placard” label. These labels have an aggressive, permanent adhesive that will remain on containers for years. However, they are overlaminated with a silicone-coated film, which creates a surface from which other labels can be removed cleanly. This “placard” is desirable because any low cost (permanent) label can be placed on top of it, but then easily and cleanly removed at a much later time.

These are two home-run solutions to a problem thousands of companies face when shipping product in reusable containers.

Material Information

Durable films, long-lasting acrylic adhesives

Markets Served

Automotive, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics

Certifications & Standards

ISO 9001:2015

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