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UL Fuse Labels

The Problem

An electrical component manufacturer produces UL tested and approved fuses. The manufacturer requires a UL approved label with extensive product identification and safety information on a very small surface, creating the need for small text. They also need to imprint the labels with variable information including serial and model numbers on-site at the time of manufacture. The small diameter mandrel shape of the fuses can cause the label material edge to lift (aka flagging) if the improper label material is used. The fuse manufacturer has very high quality requirements with zero tolerance for defects or nonconformities.

The Solution

Brandmark engineered a solution using UL approved label components printed using high definition flexo printing plates that maintain the readability of the small text. Brandmark’s rigorous quality control processes result in zero defective or nonconforming finished labels.

Material Information

Lightweight UL approved paper material that is flexible and thermal transfer printable, coated with an adhesive formulated for tight mandrel applications

Markets Served

Electronics, Health & Safety

Certifications & Standards

UL Approved Product

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