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Need Tire Labels? Here Are Factors to Consider

November 4, 2022

As a manufacturer of tires, it is important to select the right tire label that adheres to your products. This label must adhere tightly, regardless of any contaminants on the surface, and be strong enough to remain affixed from manufacturing through shipping. At the same time, it must be removable before use on a vehicle or other equipment, such as a farm tractor or construction machinery.

In other words, the label must be strong and durable, yet be removable when you need it to be.

When choosing a tire label, what are some of the many factors you need to consider?

  • Chemical composition of the tire.
  • Durability requirements.
  • Compatibility with retreading processes.
  • If you will be using variable printing, the type of barcode printer you will be using.

Factors Impacting Adhesive Choice

Multiple types of adhesives can be used on tire labels. The most common types are hot-melt rubber adhesive, solvent-acrylic adhesive, and emulsion-acrylic adhesives.

Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive

For tire labels, the most common adhesive type is hot melt rubber. This adhesive type provides high initial tack and performs well under a wide range of environmental conditions. Hot melt rubber adhesive flows well across rough, uneven, and contaminated surfaces.

Solvent-Acrylic Adhesive

Solvent-acrylic adhesive is the most durable of the adhesives and is highly resistant to chemicals. It provides great long-term adhesion.

Emulsion-Acrylic Adhesive

Emulsion-acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives are versatile and work over a broader temperature range. They provide a lower operating temperature and improved clarity over other adhesive types.

Ultimately, the type of adhesive — rubber or acrylic, hot melt or solvent — depends on the chemical composition of the tire and the conditions under which the labels must perform.

Will You Be Printing In-House?

Finally, you will want to consider whether you would like the ability to print directly from your own printer onto the label material. With this option, you have the flexibility to make changes to your labels on the fly without wasting pre-printed inventory. Not all label types are compatible with every printer, so it’s important to get the right match.

If you need tire labels, let us help. We have decades of experience in this market, and we can help you choose the right label for your application. If you want to print your labels in-house, we can recommend label printers and supplies. This way, you can get the right printing setup so the process runs smoothly.

Tire labels are complicated, but when working with Brandmark as your “one source” solution, you have the assurance that you will get it right.

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