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Social Distancing Floor Decals

As businesses begin reopening during the COVID-19 Pandemic, social distancing guidelines are driving the need to institute new policies and procedures to keep their teams and customers safe. In response to the growing need to promote safe distancing, we’ve created stock floor decals to add visual cues for keeping everyone at a safe distance. Ideal for indoor use, these decals will adhere to tile, linoleum and smooth, finished concrete floors. They are over laminated to provide a slip-resistant walking surface.

It is recommended to place them 6 feet apart in checkout lines or any place requiring customers to wait in line. Our stock floor decals are available in two shapes, 9” circle or 11.75″ x 9″ rectangle. They are printed on 2 mil durable polyester with a 4 mil clear overlaminate to provide both a protective overlay and slip resistance. Made with removable adhesive, these floor decals will adhere well to most interior surfaces. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to application. Not recommended for carpet or any outdoor surface.

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